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High Quality THC Mitigation in CBD Oils and Distillates

Tuesday, January 21, 2020



High Quality THC Mitigation in CBD Oils and Distillates


How we can help improve your CBD products—and keep them legit

Since the prohibition on hemp was lifted this year, extractors and cultivators have seen a veritable boom in business nationwide. This has been a net good for consumers and entrepreneurs alike, but some producers are taking a huge risk—in some cases, without even knowing it—by selling oils and distillates that exceed the lawful maximum levels of THC.

Federal regulations require that CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Not only is this the law, it's a standard consumers have come to rely on. Most CBD producers derive their products from industrial hemp, which has a low THC content. But even if the biomass material is lab-verified to contain less than 0.3% THC, the extracted product can be in excess of the limit as a result of THC concentration during the extraction process.

Why do companies take this risk? Because they don't have access to sophisticated processes for large-scale chromatography or assured THC mitigation. Well, with us, they do.

How We Can Help You Develop a High-Quality, THC-Free Product

There are two processes by which we reduce THC content via mitigation and increase the potency and quality of CBD products. For both processes we use only supercritical CO2, which yields the highest purity results. We never use co-solvents—such as pentane, hexane, heptane, or ethanol—which can increase the presence of contaminants and impurities. Here's how we do it.

CBD Crude or Distillate to Non-Detectable THC (NDT) or Compliant (<0.3% Delta 9 THC) Distillate

We can process large quantities of crude CBD oil—which typically comes in the form of a black, viscous, impure material—into a honey golden distillate. This finished product is of the highest quality and thoroughly compliant. Our proprietary process utilizes only supercritical CO2—no co-solvents.

We can work with a crude that has already been winterized and decarboxylated, or we can apply our own low-temp vacuum decarboxylation method. Our proprietary process eliminates the chances of the isomer Exo-THC concentrating in the distillate. This is important, because many labs will misidentify this form of THC as Delta-9—the very compound that will nullify the compliance of a CBD product.

Our processing facility is cGMP/NSF compliant and exceeds regulations for sterility and purity, and we provide in-house potency testing that ensures the final product rises to at least 80%-85% CBD content (improved from the 60% content most crude products contain) with 0.1% or less Delta-9 THC content.

We have the capacity for processing large quantities of bulk material—our minimum runs are 80 kilograms—and our high-purity CBD and THC mitigation process can benefit large-scale producers with substantial savings in labor costs. Our clients need not bother with any post-extraction measures—simply supply us the crude and we can do the rest.

How Can We Maximize the Value of Your Product?

If you're looking for a partner in high-purity, compliant, NDT CBD products on a commercial scale, we can help! Contact us right away for information and availability.


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