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Thc Mitigation & Oil Purification of CBD Hemp oil & Extracts

Keep your CBD oil compliant and THC levels non detectable or <0.3% to be compliant with High Purity Extraction THC Mitigation and refining services. We provide solventless purification and mitigation of CBD crude extract, bringing the product from crude to a golden CBD distillate, with minor cannabinoids in tact. Regardless of your desired outcome, we can mitigate the oil for an end result of broad spectrum or full spectrum oil. Addition of terpene complexes into the base oil is optional. Our process produces reduces solvent consumption, ultimately improving cost efficiency. We offer THC mitigation consulting, or complete systems for purchase, or offer contract CBD oil purification at strategic locations throughout the US.

Contract Hemp Plant Extraction

If you are just starting out or not ready to purchase the equipment you need for your extractions, High Purity Extractions provides pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing in a GMP grade facility. Our Co2 extraction methods preserves and protects terpenes and cannabinoids leaving no residues or solvents behind. In addition to complete extraction systems we provide to users, we can connect you with the right contract extractor who can take your compliant biomass and turn that into CBD crude, honey gold distillate, and THC compliant CBD oils.

We do offer complete ethanol to distillate or CBD isolate systems as well for those users not interested in high volume CO2 extraction.

Cannabinoid Separation

Cannabinoid separation has become a valuable step in the production of isolates, distillates, and other CBD and cannabis products, which can require a higher purity than what simple extraction can achieve. Our distillation process works in combination with our extractions to provide a pure, solventless separation of cannabinoids.

We do offer complete ethanol to pure CBD isolate crystal powder form.

Terpene Separation

With over a hundred variations found in cannabis, terpenes have been found to boost flavors of a concentrate or edible, enhance therapeutic properties, be added to a vape product, or be consumed independently by those who want the benefits of their therapeutic properties without getting high.

We offer the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter through methods of both steam distillation and CO2 extraction. Compliant hemp based terpene complexes are very medicinal and highly desireable for CBD product formulations.

CBD Nano Technology

Nanotechnology has been adapted by the CBD world as an innovative technology making cannabinoids more easily absorbed by the body. Tinctures, emulsions and even body care CBD products have all seen benefits of using nanotechnology production for better efficacy and uptake into the body. High Purity Extractions provides cutting edge equipment and contract services to create nano particle CBD oils and products for your cannabis line.

We also offer encapsulation and water soluble CBD equipment and technology.

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