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1 Gallon Mix Tank System
1 Gallon Mix Tank System sku: HPE-MIXSYS-1 View Details
10 Gallon Mix Tank System
10 Gallon Mix Tank System sku: HPE-MIXSYS-10 View Details
50 Gallon Mix Tank System
50 Gallon Mix Tank System sku: HPE-MIXSYS-50 View Details
Magnetic Stirrer with Heat
Magnetic Stirrer with Heat sku: YUM7SLO6ZY View Details
Poly Plastic Mix Tanks
Poly Plastic Mix Tanks sku: EGV9ZO00T9 View Details
Single Use Mixing Systems
Single Use Mixing Systems sku: SF4MA8V5EA View Details
Stainless Steel Mix Tanks
Stainless Steel Mix Tanks sku: 8DRLAHAWZF View Details

High Purity Extractions’ mixing and blending solutions are appropriate for a range of sectors and across a variety of industries. Adaptable to enterprises large and small, High Purity Extractions’ mixing, blending, and agitating solutions are committed to meeting – and exceeding – any organization’s needs.

Poly Mixing Tanks are particularly appealing because of their flexibility, ease of use, and affordability. With single-use mixer designs available, our Poly Mixing Tanks are available pre-engineered or custom-built. Poly mixing tanks are proven to maximize yield, minimize downtime, and reduce energy costs. Plus, portable units, a variety of outlet valves, and applications spanning a range of industries, from salt dissolving to media prep, ensure that poly mixing tanks are appropriate for a number of uses.

High Purity Extractions’ Stainless Steel Blending Vessels are available in both industrial duty and sanitary designs. A range of customization options are offered, including instrumentation, automation, heating and cooling, CIP (clean-in-place), and pressure and vacuum. With upfront engineering and design services, High Purity Extractions will ensure that your stainless steel blending solution is perfectly tailored to your sector’s specific needs.

Single Use Mixing Systems make blending easy, cost-efficient, and completely sterile. Appealing because they eliminate the need for both SIP (sterilize in place) and CIP (clean in place), single use mixing systems have been proven to be more energy-efficient than their multi-use counterparts in certain scenarios. Because single-use mixers require none of the rinsing and sterilization steps inherent to multi-use mixers, they also equate to less water use, fewer cleaning products, and more time.

The Heidolf Magnetic Stirrer is an attractive mixing option for those wishing to mix sample sizes up to five liters. For gentle stirring in biology and microbiology applications, Heidolf mixers are safe, heat-resistant, and built to last. With speed ranges that can exceed 2,200 rpm, Heidolf Magnetic Stirrers are built to save space and leave a minimal carbon footprint.

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