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5L Rotary Evaporator System

sku: O3C8VUJQJY $19,645

Tired of China made Rotovaps that are un-reliable and have zero service+spare parts?

HEIDOLPH - The best Rotovap on the market!

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Product: 5L Rotary Evaporator System

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5L Solvent Recovery System

Distill your solvents reliably with the Hei-VAP evaporator. All of our solvent recovery systems are equipped with a separate ON/OFF switch for the heating function, a detachable operating panel for safe and comfortable control outside closed fume hoods as well as a vapor tube which does not get stuck in the drive due to the patented clamping sleeve which in turn increases the service life of your evaporator.

  • 5Liter unit complete with vacuum pump and chiller, setup/startup/training services
  • Includes all glassware (including 5liter ball), temp/vacuum monitoring, and automation
  • 3 year warranty from Heidolph
  • We provide local NORTHEAST support and service, and Heidolph has service technicians available for yearly maintenance
  • The best rotovap on the market, especially for Cannabis/Hemp processing
  • We can train you how to use this and how to winterize your oils in our Mass showroom


  • Chemical-resistant vacuum seal allows for years of operation
  • Chemical-resistant, PPS flange reduces corrosion and maintenance
  • Safety bath powers off is temperature overshoots by 5 ℃ or runs dry
  • Continuous unattended evaporation without limits
  • Detachable panel allows for highest operational safety from outside closed fume hoods


  • Oil concentrates
  • Hemp & oil blending
  • E Juice mixing, E Cig liquid mix
  • Plant extractions with Ethanol requiring blending
  • Standard distillation, complex distilling processes as well as automatic distillation

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