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280mAh Air Flow Battery
280mAh Air Flow Battery sku: DJDNZOLRAD View Details
380mAh Variable Voltage Battery w/ Button
380mAh Variable Voltage Battery w/ Button sku: 6OIAY1XLG4 View Details
4 Piece Grinders
4 Piece Grinders sku: C1Y9WG8CR1 View Details
Ceramic No-Wick Cartridge
Ceramic No-Wick Cartridge sku: E1NKHBMQ4R View Details
Dry Herb v2.0 Vaporizer
Dry Herb v2.0 Vaporizer sku: 3Y20MN3U98 View Details
No-Leak Ceramic & Glass Cartridge
No-Leak Ceramic & Glass Cartridge sku: KLGR4RKWXB View Details
Plastic Cartridge
Plastic Cartridge sku: BA0ABVD5I4 View Details
PREM31R Vaporizer
PREM31R Vaporizer sku: 9IEH9D7EXK View Details
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Stainless Steel Cartridge sku: IWJDUH6Q10 View Details
USB Charger w/ AC Adapter
USB Charger w/ AC Adapter sku: PS96KV7GFV View Details

High Purity Extractions carries a number of appealing vaporizers and accessories to enhance your collection. Our variety of portable, elegant, affordable vaporizers make purchasing a vaporizer easy – and maybe even pleasurable. From dry herb vaporizers, which provide a “pure convection” vaporizer designed to process dry herbs, oils, liquids, and wax, to 3-in-1 vaporizers, which offer the appeal of pure convection with the option for three fixed temperatures, High Purity Extractions has the vaporizer for you.

The Dry Herb+ v2.0, created by BlackoutX, is purportedly one of the most anticipated vaporizers on the market, and, at an affordable price, features a rubberized mouthpiece with a removable filter screen. The Prem31R Vaporizer, another BlackoutX device, is sleek, portable, and easy to charge.

When it comes to accessories, High Purity Extractions has you covered, showcasing a range of brands you can trust. Blackout X’s 4-Piece Grinders are durable, made of pure zinc oil and equipped with razor sharp teeth that easily break up raw plant matter. In black or gray, this heavy-duty option is reasonably priced, yet constructed to last a lifetime.

High Purity Extractions also offers Restrictive Access Barrier Systems (RABS), installations used when superior air quality must be maintained and/or monitored. The RABS creates a physical barrier between workers and production areas. In addition, High Purity Extractions is proud to offer Isolators and Containment Booths, designed and built to your specifications and parameters.

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