How is medical cannabis oil different than other methods of consuming cannabis, like smoking?

Ingesting medical cannabis oil will provide a delayed effect, which means that an hour or two after consuming the oil, the user will begin to “feel it.” Smoking, on the other hand, delivers instant gratification; users feel the effects right away. Both methods have their drawbacks, but eating medical cannabis oil, or applying it topically, is generally considered safer than smoking, which could enable tars to build up in the lungs. Consuming cannabis via an “edible” means, like a brownie or a drop of oil on the tongue, can also make for a much longer “high,” during which the users perceives the effects of the medicine for longer than they might if they had simply smoked medical cannabis.

Consuming medical cannabis oil is also appealing to many because it allows for a higher delivery of potent cannabinoids – the ones that ease muscle spasms, alleviate depression, and discourage cancer cells from forming. Plus, with medical cannabis oil, you can always be sure exactly how much you’re consuming – not always the case when smoking cannabis.