How should I use ethanol extraction systems?

Because ethanol extractions are created from numerous types of botanical plant matter, the usage varies hugely. In general, however, the best botanical plant extractions should be applied or ingested sparingly – at least at first. Because ethanol extraction produces such a potent end product, less is typically more. Take essential oils, for example, which are used widely around the world and form the basis of many approaches to healing. Too much essential oil can be toxic, but small amounts may boast impressive antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the case of hash oil or botanical oil derived from ethanol extraction, it’s advisable to start small. Full extract botanical oil, usually produced by means of pure alcohol, like food grade ethanol, should be completely purged of residual alcohol preceding ingestion. Full extract oil derived from ethanol has been used as a cancer-fighting treatment for decades, and boasts more potency than any other extract. Never vaporized or dabbed, full extract oil is best suited for edible consumption.