What are the potential dangers of various ethanol extraction systems for botanical plants?

Luckily, today’s ethanol extraction systems are constructed of robust, durable, and safe materials that won’t threaten the integrity of your product – or the safety of the product’s users. However, quality equipment doesn’t always equate to a safer end product. The most dangerous thing about botanical plant extractions is what goes inside, and with little FDA regulation and a virtually free market online, botanical plant extract purveyors are doing all they can to price their products cheaply – and to market them effectively.

Unfortunately, not all ethanol extraction systems for botanical plants are constructed with equal precision and care. Outdated, unsterile equipment can result in a rancid end product that could end up doing more harm than good. And it’s always important to consider the quality of ingredients used. Organic, high-quality plant material is essential in creating an effective, safe ethanol extraction, but so is the quality of the solvent itself. Look for food-grade ethanol on labels, and be sure to do careful research when investing in solvents for your own extractions. Botanical plant extractions are changing the way we view disease, but we need to harness nature’s valuable resources with caution, care, and respect.