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Monday, June 22, 2020

Supercritical CO2 for Your Hemp Extraction Needs

High Purity Extractions Offers Large Scale Supercritical CO2 Processing Services & More!

Are you tired of fly by night operators that leave you in an oily mess? Or worse, with non-compliant products that you can’t use?

We are here to help!

We can turn your crude into a beautiful golden THC free distillate!

Process your biomass with High Purity Extractions. 

We will carefully extract your hemp with no chemicals or solvents. (CO2 supercritical only). We can follow this with inline dewaxing, and then decarboxylate the crude, turning it into a golden THC free distillate via our CO2 mitigation and separation process. We can extract hundreds of thousands of pounds of biomass, and process up to 10,000kg of crude to THC free distillate per month using our cutting edge CO2 supercritical only purification process. Did we mention that there are no co-solvents? 

High Purity can also turn your biomass into pure CBD isolate with 99%+ purity guaranteed.  We are continually scaling our process for more capacity, we can also offer services from small test runs, up to substantial volume consistent throughputs direct to you.

We offer large volume capability, the finest quality end products, and very competitive pricing.

Please contact us for a quote!

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High Purity Extractions – Lowering Your Cost of Goods With Solventless CO2 Technology

  • FDA & cGMP & Kosher certified facility with 100% organic process for extraction, mitigation, and distillate
  • USDA Compliant certified products including broad & full-spectrum distillate
  • 100% vertically integrated supply chain
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction & separation method – no solvents!
  • Pure CBD isolate production in very large volumes, CBG, CBN, and CBC purification or production also available
  • We offer the best pricing on the finest quality bulk isolate, distillate, CBN, full and broad-spectrum oils, & more!
We offer the best prices on the finest quality oils, distillates, isolate, and more!

Other Services offered by High Purity Extractions.

High efficiency – Low-Temperature Decarboxylation

Don’t risk destroying your CBD molecules with the high heat and long duration used by traditional decarboxylation. Our process is low temperature and high efficiency at 95%! Our method also can prevent isomerization and retains terpenes

CO2 THC remediation – Our CO2 THC remediation technology can separate THC from CBD in a complete system, devoid of harsh solvents and media. We can accept any input material and bring it to 85-95% CBD that is below .1% THC concentration

CO2 CBN remediation – Similar to our CO2 THC remediation technology, we can remove CBN from any CBD matrix.

CO2 THC+CBN remediation – We also can remove both THC and CBN in the same process

CO2 Pesticide Remediation – We can remove pesticides from any botanical extract, including non-hemp!

CO2 THC to CBN Conversion – We can convert any cannabinoid matrix that contains THC into CBN. In a CO2 system without any co-solvents.

CO2 Tolling – We can toll a variety of compounds in CO2 to create various extracts.

CO2 R&D – We can take on any research project that involves extraction and separation!

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