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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mixing & Heating your Butters, Oils & Tinctures

There are a variety of ways to effectively mix, heat, and blend your products to achieve the desired results. Many folks use a spoon and pot on the stove to heat and stir. There are top entry lab and pilot plant mixers that can provide gentle mixing to very high shear mixing and homogenizing.

A very effective tool for heating, and mixing in your containers is the mag drive mixer. This is a magnetic stirring device, where you can very easily mix and heat and keep your container closed or sealed. The mag drive unit has separate controls to adjust the desired temperature, and the desired mixing speed. The magnetic stir bar (usually Teflon material) goes into your container (stainless, plastic, or glass) and provides the mixing action for your blends.

These mag drive mixers are used for blending butter and ethanol, decarboxylation of butter or oils, mixing of tinctures, or blending CBD oil and THC oil into the ideal blended ratio for vape pens or edibles.

Proper mixing and blending is key to most food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or cannabis oil production – mag drive stirring is an efficient way to do this while heating the product.

For any questions or advice on lab or production scale mixing please contact us we are happy to steer you in the right direction.

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