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Friday, April 24, 2020

New Remediation, Decarboxylation, & Tolling Services Offered by High Purity Extractions

High Purity Extractions is your one-stop-shop for hemp processing!

We are excited to offer some great new services to the hemp community and industry! Our supercritical CO2 service offers state of the art remediation and conversions. We are also offering a low-temperature decarboxylation service that preserves CBD molecules and retains terpenes as required.

Please contact us today to inquire about lead times and volume discounts!

Note, all services offered take place in a cGMP & Kosher Certified facility (cGMP certified by AIB International), all end products are Pharmaceutical Grade, CO2 extraction method utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide. All services are overseen by a Ph.D. Chemist on site. 

High efficiency – Low-Temperature Decarboxylation – Traditional Decarboxylation involves heating the crude oil for multiple hours at high temperature. This leads to the risk of destroying CBD molecules. Our process is low temperature and high efficiency at 95%! Our process also has the ability to prevent isomerization and retains terpenes

CO2 THC remediation – Our CO2 THC remediation technology has the ability to separate THC from CBD in a complete system, devoid of harsh solvents and media. We can accept any input material and bring it to 85-95% CBD that is below .1% THC concentration

CO2 CBN remediation – Similar to our CO2 THC remediation technology, we also have the ability to remove CBN from any CBD matrix.

CO2 THC+CBN remediation – We also have the ability to remove both THC and CBN in the same process

CO2 Pesticide Remediation – We have the ability to remove pesticides from any botanical extract, including non-hemp!

CO2 THC to CBN Conversion – We have the ability to convert any cannabinoid matrix that contains THC into CBN. In a CO2 system without any co-solvents.

CO2 Tolling – We have the ability to toll a variety of compounds in CO2 to create various extracts.

CO2 R&D – We have the ability to take on any research project that involves extraction and separation!

CO2 Plant fabrication – We can also build CO2 plants for any extraction/separation needs.

CO2 CBDA Isolation – We can also separate CBDA from any incoming Hemp biomass! This could be a great addition to your vape cartridge formula to limit crystallization

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