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Hemp Extraction, Supercritical CO2 THC Mitigation, CBD Oil Blending, Toll Processing, & Remediation Services

THC Mitigation & Oil Purification of CBD Hemp Oil & Extracts

Keep your CBD oil compliant and THC levels non-detectable (or <0.3%) – to be compliant with High Purity Extraction THC Mitigation and refining services. We provide solventless purification and mitigation of CBD crude extract, bringing the product from crude to a golden CBD distillate, with minor cannabinoids intact. Regardless of your desired outcome, we can mitigate the oil for an end result of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum oil. The addition of terpene complexes into the base oil is optional. Our process reduces solvent consumption, ultimately improving cost efficiency. We offer THC mitigation consulting, or complete systems for purchase. We also offer contract CBD oil purification at strategic locations throughout the US. Contact us for more info

Contract Hemp Plant Extraction 

If you are just starting out or not ready to purchase the equipment you need for your extractions, High Purity Extractions provides pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing in a GMP grade facility. Our Co2 extraction methods preserve and protect terpenes and cannabinoids leaving no residues or solvents behind. In addition, to complete extraction systems we provide to users, we can connect you with the right contract extractor who can take your compliant biomass and turn that into CBD crude, honey gold distillate, and THC compliant CBD oils. Contact us for more info

Toll Process Your Distillate And Isolate Into Water-Soluble

We toll process your distillate or isolate to water-soluble powders and liquid emulsions.

If you pursue rare cannabinoid conversions to water-soluble, we can help! Our chemists have a deep background working with CBG, CBN, and CBC, converting these cannabinoids into workable and very marketable water-soluble solutions.

High Purity Extractions also offers extensive R&D options for custom formulating water-soluble products. We can tailor your material into a finished good that is ready to pack out into your CBD product of choice whether it be a stick pack, split cap, or flavored liquid we can help.
We can target a wide variety of concentrations, anywhere from 1-20% in both powdered and liquid emulsions. We use only plant-based ingredients leaving a vegan product by definition. Contact us for more info

Mixing and Blending Services

High Purity has years of mixing and blending experience.  We have the ability to take your distillate or isolate and create custom craft blends ready for final fill and finished goods.  

Whether it be as simple as blending your distillate into MCT oil at a specific concentration for a tincture formulation to targeting more complex blends with specific ratios of CBD and other minor cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG), we can help.  

All of these blended concentrations will be verified utilizing our in house HPLC.  We will work with you on sourcing the specific raw materials you desire in your blend.  

Let us be your one-stop-shop for bulk finished goods! Contact us for more info


High efficiency – Low-Temperature Decarboxylation Traditional Decarboxylation involves heating the crude oil for multiple hours at high temperature. This leads to the risk of destroying CBD molecules. Our process is low temperature and high efficiency at 95%! Our process also has the ability to prevent isomerization and retains terpenes. Contact us for more info

Supercritical CO2 Services

CO2 THC remediation – We can separate THC from CBD in a complete solventless system. We can accept any input material and bring it to 85-95% CBD that is below .1% THC concentration

CO2 CBN remediation – Similar to our CO2 THC remediation technology, we also can remove CBN from any CBD matrix.

CO2 THC+CBN remediation – We also can remove both THC and CBN in the same process

CO2 Pesticide Remediation – We can remove pesticides from any botanical extract, including non-hemp!

CO2 THC to CBN Conversion – We can convert any cannabinoid matrix that contains THC into CBN. In a CO2 system without any co-solvents.

CO2 CBDA Isolation – We can also separate CBDA from any incoming Hemp biomass! This could be a great addition to your vape cartridge formula to limit crystallization.

CO2 Tolling – We can toll a variety of compounds in CO2 to create various extracts.

CO2 R&D – We have the ability to take on any research project that involves extraction and separation!

CO2 Plant fabrication – We can also build CO2 plants for any extraction/separation needs

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