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CO2 Extraction Systems


Our CO2 Extractors are designed to optimally facilitate pure plant extractions and avoid the use of dangerous solvents. With a mission to help businesses large and small to produce the best oil concentrates on the planet, High Purity Extractions is committed to offering the most efficient, most effective sanitary CO2 extractors available. In addition, we offer training and startup assistance on all CO2 extraction equipment and have a showroom where you can see our equipment process hops.

Our Botanical Plant Extractor is the most cutting edge, fastest CO2 Supercritical Extraction Technology on the planet. This safe, ergonomic, and sanitary (we design and build to ASME and GMP standards) 20L (our 20Liter extraction chamber will hold up to 2-12lbs of plant material depending on type) stainless steel design is built onto a portable aluminum frame, all assembled, pre-tested, QC and packaged for shipment. The Speed Demon is a manual, semi-automated, or automated design, which is a complete system, we help you every step of the way to get your extractor up and running on site as easy as possible. We offer optional chiller, heater, and air compressor as desired for a complete integrated system. In addition, we offer training and startup assistance on all extraction equipment.

CO2 Extractor Features

  • Sanitary design
  • Surgical stainless steel wetted parts
  • Portable aluminum frame
  • 20L design
  • Essential safety features
  • Optional chiller, heater & air compressor, and coordination of CO2 bottles.
  • 3Phase power is required
  • Optional downstream equipment including winterizing equipment, rotovaps, cartridge filling and packaging available
  • We are available to provide on site services of any kind, including running equipment, servicing equipment, spare parts inventory, etc.

Oil & Concentrate Production

Looking to make and fill vape oil cartridges? Complete systems available — CO2 extraction for producing high purity
oil, distillates, and concentrates. We offer systems using the 2.5Liter CO2 extraction which include the 2.5L CO2 extractor, hot plate stirrer, cryogenic
freezer, winterizing and filtration kit, 5L rotovap, short path distillation, and vape cartridge filler for ballpark $100k investment — and you will
be filling vape oil cartridges swiftly with the finest uncut oil. We can offer more economical approaches to suit your budget and requirements.