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Ethanol Extraction System

  • NEMA 4 plastic/nylon enclosure
  • 5 HP VFD with controls for start, stop, and speed
  • Motor running indicator light
  • Prox switch lock out (manway open) with indicator light
  • Vibration lock out with indicator light (adjustable sensitivity and delay)
  • VFD will not run if either lock out is tripped
  • VFD will stop motor if either lock out is tripped
  • Option for either 208 VAC or 480 VAC.

40 Gallon Ethanol Extractor – HP40

The HP40 is extremely easy to operate, maintain, and clean. One lab technician and one lab assistant could operate four lines of extractors/filters at one time allowing for 84lbs of extracted hemp material every 30-40min.

HP40 Features and Benefits:

  • Higher throughput – Processes 40lbs of dry input biomass every hour or 320lbs/8hr shift.
  • Top entry mixer design eliminates risk of seal leakage compared to other systems on the market that have bottom entry designs.
  • 30-minute extraction time.
  • Compliance approved – API/UL compliant for ethanol and solvent storage. Built in ASME tank shop.
  • Comes with XP electric or intrinsically safe air operated motor.
  • Variable Drive Frequency or FRL standard to regulate speed of mixer.
  • Tank is insulated with a stainless-steel skin to maintain cryogenic temperatures during extraction process.
  • Benefits to top-entry mixer:
    • Agitating at a lower RPM during extraction process allows for better mass transfer and extraction results.
    • Allows for spin drying the plant post extraction for better ethanol recovery.