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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

THC Remediation for Less than $500*

High Purity Extractions is now able to offer THC mitigation services for less than $500 per input kilogram with a minimum input of 80kg*!

If you have less than 80kg of crude oil or distillate to process at a time, we also have a solution for you with our smaller scale unit.

Our production throughput has increased substantially and we want to offer the available time in our processing calendar to the community. At the time of this post, we have the capacity to take in an additional 1750kg per month to be remediated. Our total monthly input capacity is 6700kg and growing as we expand into new processing lines. We love building friendships and relationships that are mutually beneficial and long-lasting. We’re convinced that you will be impressed with our professionalism and the product you receive from our services.

Our Supercritical CO2 Chromatography process allows for an 80-85% retention of CBD molecules without the use of co-solvents or media, no ethanol is used! This process allows us to return a product that tests at less than 0.1% D9THC.

Currently, we are in process validation for separating the minor cannabinoids that co-elude with the D9THC. I’m confident that we will be offering this as a service soon.

In addition to our THC remediation services, we offer pesticide remediation for an additional cost. Our laboratory processes are Kosher Certified and GMP compliant. Please reach out today if you would like to discuss the opportunity to work with us on your remediation needs. 

In addition, all final product is capable of going directly into our white-labeling and private-labeling program, so that your precious product doesn’t needlessly change custody more times than necessary. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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