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Monday, July 11, 2016

Tired of filling vape pen cartridges by hand?

You can now quickly fill vape pen cartridges, seal them in childproof blister packs, and have them ready for sale with EASE.

Last month we talked about increasing your profits by producing concentrate oil from your trim with a super critical CO2 extractor. After winterizing the butter and post processing with a rotovap (rotary evaporator), you are left with a highly desired pure and high quality oil. This oil is perfect for a vape pen.

Are you sick of filling vape pen cartridges by hand? This is a time consuming process. How would you like to be able to fill 100 cartridges in 60 seconds?

There are now automated cartridge filling machines which automates the process for you. These machine arrive pre-assembled; pre-tested; and ready to run and on site startup and training is readily available. It fills the newest of cartridges including stainless steel / glass or the ceramic / plastic variety.

The HPE filler tackles many different types of disposables with the thickest of oils. The dual heat injection system makes it easy to inject even the thickest of oils into your cartridges / disposables.

Whether plastic, ceramic and stainless cartridges or disposables, say good bye to that cramp in your hand.”


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