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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Toll Processing into Water Soluble

Toll Process Your Cannabis Distillate and Isolate into Water Soluble with High Purity Extractions & Equipment!

Our toll processing capabilities

High Throughput contract manufacturing

We have openings in our production line to assist customers looking to toll their compliant distillate or isolate to water soluble powders and liquid emulsions.

Those looking to pursue rare cannabinoid conversions to water soluble, you’re in luck! Our chemists have worked extensively with CBG, CBN and CBC in converting these cannabinoids into a workable and marketable water-soluble solution.

Looking for more out of your contract manufacturer?

HPE offers extensive R+D options around custom formulating water soluble products. We can tailor your material into a finished good that is ready to pack out into your CBD product of choice whether it be a stick pack, split cap, or flavored liquid we can help.

Reasons to create water soluble product:

In this constantly evolving hemp/CBD industry it is important to distinguish yourself with unique product offerings. Your standard CBD product offerings (Tinctures, topicals, gummies) are becoming more and more heavily commoditized. If you are an already established brand, it is important to introduce new, cutting edge products to your established clientele as an added sale opportunity. If you are a brand just starting out, you will need something unique to present to your potential clients and the standard commoditized products may not be enough to differentiate yourself in a very competitive market.

Introducing water soluble material into your product line is an innovative approach to both of the above scenarios and intriguing in so many other ways.

Water soluble potency analysis

We operate out of an FDA registered facility and work within GMP guidelines. Our SOP’s that are in place will ensure our customers will receive a quality product time and time again. We will provide potency analysis upon completion to verify desired concentration utilizing our internal HPLC.

Our chemists hold upper graduate degrees in chemistry and understand formulations pertaining to cannabinoids at a very high level and can assist in any custom formulation desired.

We also have a unique ability to target a wide variety of concentrations. We can target anywhere from 1-20% in both our powdered and liquid emulsions. Our ingredients for the water-soluble powder are all plant based and by the definition is vegetarian and vegan which is another value add and aids in marketing efforts.

Input material we can process: Any compliant distillate or isolate

Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a call with one of our technical sales representatives at or call us at 508-927-2977

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